10 Tips: Stay Fit on Campus

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10 Tips: Stay Fit on Campus

Between classes and studying, it can be difficult to find time to be active. Even if you only exercise for a short period of time, you will feel more energized and better about your health. Get up and move!

  1. Walk or bike to class 
    If you live close enough to campus, avoid driving or spending money on public transportation by walking or biking to class. If you drive to campus, park your car farther away from the building to lengthen your walk.

  2. Take the stairs 
    As tempting as the elevators and escalators are, avoid them by using the stairs. This exercise is a great habit to start and will help tone your legs at the same time!

  3. Join a sport 
    Find a sport that interests you the most and one that will keep you active during your spare time. If you played a sport in high school such as basketball or soccer, you can continue playing in college!

  4. Join an intramural team 
    Another fun way to remain active is by joining an intramural team. Most universities offer classic sports such as basketball or baseball. But some campuses also offer activities such as ultimate frisbee and bowling.

  5. Hit the gym! 
    Visit your school’s gym or recreation center. Go for a run on an indoor track or grab a basketball and shoot some hoops. Try to vary your routine each time to avoid boredom.

  6. Be active with friends 
    Go for a walk, hike, or bike ride with friends to catch up and have fun!

  7. Take a fitness class 
    Most universities offer a wide range of fitness classes for little or no charge. Find a schedule online and choose a class that you enjoy such as yoga, spinning, kickboxing, or aerobics.

  8. Fitness for credit 
    Elective classes such as swimming are a great way to remain active while also earning school credit. Not only are these classes fun, but they offer you a scheduled workout once or twice a week. Sign up with friends or try out a new class that strikes your interest.

  9. Sign up for an adventure trip 
    Many universities also offer adventure trips, such as hiking and whitewater rafting, to their students at a discounted price. Check out your university’s recreation Web site for a list of upcoming events, and sign up for an active trip.

  10. Balance calories! 
    What you eat is just as important as how active you are. Keep track of how much you eat and your daily physical activity to help you to maintain a healthy weight.