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Just like you, our MyPlate team members are always looking for new ways to achieve and maintain a healthy eating style. Check out some simple tips from our MyPlate staff! Want to share your tips or stories? Share on Twitter or Facebook using hashtag #StartSimplewithMyPlate or submit here:

Erica's tip

“Making dinner after long workdays can seem like a chore. As a time saver, I always wash and cut my vegetables, as well as marinate my favorite protein foods right when I get home from the grocery store. That way, I’m one-step ahead."

- Erica, Nutritionist

Corey's tip

“With 3 young kids and a variety of activities, snacks have become a necessity when we leave the house. I portion healthy foods into small containers the night before so that they're ready to grab–n–go when we need them."

- Corey, Nutritionist

Lisa's tip

"I’m a huge sports fan and enjoy fresh veggies when I watch games. Grape tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, sugar snap peas, and baby carrots are virtually prep-free and help me meet my vegetable goals, even on game day."

- Lisa, Nutritionist

Barb's tip


“Summer is a great time to grow your own appetizers! I plant tomatoes and basil to make fresh bruschetta from the patio garden!"

- Barb, Nutritionist

Janie's tip

“Now that my kids are grown, I no longer have a grocery list of “favorites” but still like to have a variety of produce. This is easy as ABC -- Apples, Bananas, and Carrots. I always have these on hand for quick and easy snacks."

- Janie, Graphic Information Specialist

Dave's tip

“As an avid traveler, I pack a cooler of sandwiches, water, and healthy snacks for road trips. This avoids the need (or temptation) to stop on the road which helps make sure I eat something healthy and saves money."

- Dave, Nutritionist

Melissa's tip

“Every Wednesday, after work I ride my bike to the farmers market down the street. In addition to picking up tasty, local produce I get to fit in some physical activity too."

- Melissa, Nutritionist

Hannah's tip

“I prefer working out in the morning because I'd rather relax after work. It's still always hard to wake up earlier than I need to so it helps to have my workout clothes, breakfast, and water ready to grab and go. If I'm not prepared, it's not happening!"

- Hannah, Graphic Designer

Sam tip

“I enjoy going out to eat, but restaurants tend to serve way too much food. I like to order à la carte items to ensure smaller portions. An added bonus – it’s usually a lot cheaper!"

- Sam, Public Affairs Consultant

Julie tip

“I am always looking for ways to cut back on how much food my family wastes. When I have leftover fruits and vegetables, I chop them and add them to bags in my freezer. This way they don’t go bad or get thrown away, and I end up with bags of frozen fruits and veggies to use in smoothies, soups, or other recipes!"

- Julie, Nutritionist

Kristin tip

“On a cold winter night, soup tastes wonderful. Split Pea Soup is easy to make on the weekend, as the stove does most of the work, simmering it a few hours! It’s high in fiber and tastes great. Reheat it in the microwave for quick dinners the rest of the week. Just add whole-wheat bread, some fruit like blueberries, and a glass of non-fat milk to round out your meal."

- Kristin, Nutritionist

Tricia tip

“To ensure I meet my dairy and fruit recommendations, I make daily smoothies with low-fat yogurt and milk plus any fruit I have on hand. My dog loves them just as much as me!”

- Tricia, Nutritionist

Corey tip

“With hectic schedules, dinnertime is always a little crazy! Giving my kids something to help prepare keeps them occupied and gets them interested in trying their own creation. Surprisingly, salad prep is their favorite job because they can mix and match lots of colors!"

- Corey, Nutritionist

Liz tip

“When we eat peanut butter sandwiches, we add raisins for sweetness. This way we add in another food group without a lot of added sugars."

- Liz, Nutritionist

Lisa tip

“When I’m headed out to lunch with friends, I increase my vegetables by sharing an entrée with someone and filling in with a side salad, steamed veggies, or plain baked potato."

- Lisa, Nutritionist

Carol tip

“Whenever I make pasta, I always throw some frozen vegetables into the pasta water about halfway through the cooking time. That way I get some extra veggies into my dish – and I only need one pot!"

- Carol, Project Coordinator

Dave's tip

“Many grocery stores have bulk sections where you can buy a variety of whole grains. It’s a great way to try something new by buying just enough for one meal. A small commitment could lead to a big payoff!"

- Dave, Nutritionist