Permission to Use MyPlate Graphics

We frequently receive inquiries about MyPlate and USDA logo usage, as well as using and modifying content from Answers to these questions can be found here. You may consult this page for all permissions-related questions. Permission for specific requests that fall outside of this guidance will not be provided by the USDA in general or by our Food and Nutrition Service program area specifically -- the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP).

Logo, Icons, and Graphics

Am I permitted to use the USDA logo?
No. Materials developed externally to USDA may not include the USDA logo.

May I add my logo to a document containing a USDA logo?
No. Organizations are not permitted to add a logo to materials or content produced by USDA carrying the USDA logo.

May I use the MyPlate icon?
Yes. USDA encourages the use of the MyPlate icon in a variety of applications and settings. However, certain restrictions apply: The image must be used as a whole, including the URL, and must not be altered. The MyPlate Graphics Standards demonstrates correct and incorrect uses. Any use may not suggest or imply USDA endorsement of an organization, product, service, or otherwise.

May I use the MyPlate icon on food packaging?
Yes. MyPlate may be used on food packaging to point consumers to the website for more information about what and how much to eat. The MyPlate icon should not be used on food labels in conjunction with what and how much to eat. In addition to the requirements stated above, use on labels/labeling on packaging or at retail sale cannot be misleading. For more information, see the MyPlate on Food Labels.

I have a unique need and rationale to alter the image in a specific way. May I have permission to do so?
No. If you want to use any MyPlate graphics either electronically or in print, you must use them as originally designed. They should also be sourced to the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. With regard to the use of the MyPlate icon in print and other media, guidance is provided in the form of conditions of use and in the MyPlate Graphics Standards. If you alter or modify their design you cannot credit, associate, or imply your modification with USDA or CNPP. Finally, CNPP will not provide additional or altered images or materials by special request including, but not limited to, other languages, fonts, colors, or highlights combinations of food groups. 

I want to publish the MyPlate graphic in a book and need a written permissions statement. How do I obtain written permission?
You may print the graphic in your publication provided you use the image unaltered and in its entirety per the MyPlate Graphics Standards. This statement serves as your written permission. Content

Am I permitted to use content or materials from
Yes. Materials and content found at are in the public domain. As such, you may reprint, distribute, and/or post to a website without any modifications or alterations. When doing so, we ask that you credit the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Am I permitted to change content and/or materials from
No. Content and materials attributed to USDA and CNPP must be used exactly as is. This includes, but is not limited to, written content and graphics. However, if you choose to modify in a way that does not change the nutritional integrity and intent of the content or resource, you may cite that the information is “Adapted from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion’s website.”


May I link to your website?
Yes. Any website can link to and without restriction.

Will you link to my website?
As a general rule, CNPP websites only link to government and government-affiliated websites. One exception to this rule is the National Strategic Partner page. National Strategic Partners must meet certain criteria and go through an application process before being posted to the Partner page. Other than that, there are extremely rare exceptions.

Updated: March 11, 2020