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The resources for preschoolers (2-5 yrs) section includes customizable growth charts to monitor your child's development, information on food groups, tips for pick eaters, and much more. MyPlate Kids' Place has resources that can help kids (6-11 yrs) and their parents build healthy meals and maintain or achieve a healthy weight. MyPlate Kids' Place provides online resources and tools for children to help them make wise choices in a fun and appealing way. 


Young people experience many changes during their teens and college years. For teens, building healthy food and physical activity habits will help them as they enter adulthood. offers resources, tips, and ideas that can help teens take charge and learn to make their own choices. MyPlate On Campus is an initiative to get college and university students talking about healthy eating and working with their campus community to create ways to adopt healthy lifestyles both during and beyond their college years.


Adults of all ages have different nutrition and physical activity needs as their lives and bodies change. Learn how to take care of yourself.


MyPlate, MyWins is all about finding a healthy eating style that works for your family and fits with your everyday life. Here you’ll find fun, practical tips and tools that have worked for other families. Give some a try, and discover “wins” for your own family.


Find information on becoming a community or national strategic partner, or browse through resources for educators and health professionals.

Multiple Languages

The MyPlate icon is currently available in 21 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Filipino-Tagalog, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese. In addition, the first in the Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series — Choose MyPlate: 10 Tips to a Great Plate — is also available in almost all of these languages.