About MyPlate, MyState

Hello America!

USDA recently launched the MyPlate, MyWins campaign, which was designed to help Americans find a healthy eating style that works for them through small changes that can be maintained over time. MyPlate, MyState expands on this through a focus on local flavors, foods, and recipes.

Foods from every state and territory in this nation can help us all create lasting healthy eating styles that are personal to us, and that we can enjoy.

Goals of #MyPlateMyState

  • Connect people to their local farmers/ farmers markets
  • Support local and regional agriculture
  • Celebrate homegrown pride, foods, and recipes
  • Motivate Americans to move towards healthier eating and living
  • Bring communities together around healthy eating

Visit ChooseMyPlate.gov for more information and to help answer the questions:

  • What foods, flavors, and recipes is your state/territory known for?
  • How do these foods fit into your healthy eating style?