MyPlate Ambassadors on Campus

MyPlate Ambassadors on Campus is an initiative to get college and university students talking about healthy eating and working with their campus community to create ways for students to adopt healthy lifestyles that they can maintain during and beyond their college years.

Support MyPlate on Campus

MyPlate Ambassadors rely on the support of their campus community. Colleges and universities, as well as entities within the schools, such as nutrition and food science departments, student and peer groups, food service departments and personnel, and school administrators, can promote the MyPlate initiative, encourage students to volunteer their time as MyPlate Ambassadors, and facilitate related activities.


Learn about healthy eating with the following resources and take action on your campus by sharing these resources with others. By promoting MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines messages you can help shape the healthy eating culture at your school.

Social Media

MyPlate has a goal of reaching people with practical how-tos where they need to make a food decision. Social Media is a great tool for learning about healthy eating and physical activity, sharing information with others, and supporting the health habits of friends, family, and classmates. 


There are many tasty recipes that are easy to prepare and require minimal cooking equipment. Gather some fresh ideas by browsing through these resources.